Full-Time Tuition & Fees (2024-25)

For current students in the 2023-24 academic year, please refer to the 2023-24 fee schedule.

Tuition & Supplementary International Fees *

All amounts in Canadian dollars
TermDomestic StudentInternational Student
Fall Term$1,745.00$4,883.60
Winter Term$1,745.004,883.60
Total Tuition$3,490.00$​9,767.20​ċċċ


Residents of the State of Maine are eligible for Canadian domestic tuition rates while studying in select programs at NBCC.

Mandatory Student Fees *

All amounts in Canadian dollars
 Domestic StudentInternational Student
​ (non-refundable)$250.00$​1500.00​ċ
Confirmation Deposit 2
This payment covers the remaining amount for Fall 2024 Tuition & Fees, which include:
    - Tuition
    - Supplemental tuition fees
    - Insurance fees (Guard.me and Gallivan)*
    - Student Government Fee
    - Technology fee
Student Union Fees
​Fall Term$60​ċ.00$60​ċ.00​​
Winter Term$60.00$​60​ċ.00​ċ
Domestic & International (non-refundable) 
​Health (Gallivan - charged 100% at the start of each academic year)$132.50$132.50​ċ
Dental (charged 100% at the start of each academic year)$132.50$132.50
International (non-refundable) More info
​Guard.me Insurance (charged 100% at the start of each academic year)$0​ċ.00$600​ċ.00​ċ
Total Insurance$265.00​$865.00​ċċ
​Technology & Learning Resource Fee
Fall Term$​158​.00$​158.00​ċ
Winter Term$​158​.00$​158​.00
Total Technology & Learning Resource Fee$316.00​$316.00​ċċ


Other Student Fees and Charges *

All amounts in Canadian dollars
 Domestic StudentInternational Student
​Certificate/Diploma Replacement, per copy$25.00 HST incl.$25.00 HST incl.
​Transcript Fee
Up to five (5) copies of transcript may be requested in a single instance. Students get one free instance within 12 calendar months of completion, withdrawal or termination without charge.
$10.00 HST incl.$10.00 HST incl.

* Important Notes

  • Estimated costs only – all tuition, fees, and other costs are subject to change at any time.
  • Part-Time Students are those enrolled in less than 60% of the standard Full-Time credit load for the relevant Program's term. (NOTE:  If a student switches from full-time to part-time after the term deadline for refunds (H Academic Calendar), no refund will be extended.)
  • All Tuition & Fees are charged and refunded in accordance with New Brunswick Community College's .
  • Students retaking a course(s) may have additional charges applied to their account for the retake.
  • Visit Health & Dental Insurance for more information regarding coverage and possible opt-out options.
  • Parking and other related fees may apply to some NBCC locations (e.g. Fredericton Campus and Saint John Allied Health).
  • Some programs have optional field or group trips with the program which may result in additional costs to students.
  • Some programs are associated with external accrediting bodies and/or associations. H programs leading to external certification by those bodies may result in additional fees to students after graduation.
  • Some H programs have off-site co-op, practicum or internships which may occur outside the campus region. Students are responsible for all associated travel costs to and from host sites.
  • Tuition, fees, and other costs are updated for the next academic year by the end of May.