Accessibility and Inclusion Services

NBCC is committed to providing an accessible learning environment for all students. At NBCC, we ensure each student has an equal opportunity to access education, training, and services. We accommodate students with various accessibility needs, learning disabilities and/or physical or mental barriers. Academic and service accommodations are considered for all students and reviewed individually.

Note: If you have accessibility needs and/or received academic accommodations and/or supports while in high school or other post-secondary institutes, please contact us.

Connect with Us

Accessibility and Inclusion Services staff are available for all students to support their academics; from study and test-taking tips to support with academic and service accommodations, we are here to enhance your approach to learning. Please reach out for personalized assistance or contact learnerservices@nbcc.ca.

Amanda Bellefleur

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me: The beach is my favourite place to be.  I love being outdoors, enjoying what each season has to offer.  

Contact:  amanda.bellefleur@nbcc.ca | (506) 856-2261

April Leet

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me: I am committed to supporting NBCC learners and creating a positive experience, I am a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan, I love to garden and spend time with my family, friends, and 2 dogs. I look forward to meeting you!

Contact:  april.leet@nbcc.ca | (506) 869-6307

Cara McEachnie

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me: I love spending time with my family and traveling home to Toronto for visits. I enjoy working with students and focusing on strength-based learning. 

Contact:  cara.mceachnie@nbcc.ca

Darlene  Travers

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me:  I love camping and boating in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter, and spending time with my family and friends.

Contact:  darlene.travers@nbcc.ca | (506) 778-6059

Edna St.Croix

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me: I survived an armed bank robbery and swimming with sharks! Family, friends, music and dancing bring me the greatest joy.

Contact:  edna.donovan@nbcc.ca | (506) 856-3269

Elizabeth Guthrie

Learning Strategist

Contact:  elizabeth.guthrie@nbcc.ca

Jody Beresford

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me: I am an avid gardener, I love to sew and spend time with my family and friends. The ocean is my happy place.

Contact:  jody.beresford@nbcc.ca | (506) 444-2677

Natalie Carrier

Learning Strategist

A few facts about me: I grew up on a small island off the coast of Maine. In my free time I love reading, going to yoga classes, and watching Formula 1 racing.

Contact:  natalie.carrier@nbcc.ca

Paul Polley

Assistive Technologist

Contact Paul for your assistive technology needs.

A few facts about me: I enjoy volunteering in my spare time, we have 3 dogs in our family and are huge animal activists/supporters. I enjoy social interactions and love to meet new people anytime!

Contact:  paul.polley@nbcc.ca 

Victoria Scott

Head of Accessibility and Inclusion Services

A few facts about me: I love to spend my time hiking, scuba diving and sailing. I am a huge advocate of animals and devote time to their rescue and rehabilitation. I believe in the power of education and community and that NBCC truly transforms lives! 

Contact:  victoria.scott@nbcc.ca

Learning Strategist

If your program is not listed, please contact:  learnerservices@nbcc.ca to connect with a Learning Strategist.

How we help with next steps:

  • Based on documented need, students can receive a variety of supports such as, but not limited to, assistive technology, individual or group tutoring, and test accommodations (quiet space, extra time, reader and scribe). For a comprehensive list of accessibility services and how we can help, view the full list of services here.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Services staff may assist students with accessing potential funding sources. Be sure to provide all documented disability information.
  • Book an appointment early with Accessibility and Inclusion Services to determine and finalize your individual accommodation/learning plan (IAP); do not wait for classes to start!

Transitioning Life to College (TLC): A Right-Start Support Program

If you are a student with accessibility needs, and/or received academic accommodations/supports while in high school or other post-secondary institutes, this program is for you!

At NBCC we know students often arrive feeling overwhelmed and we want to provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and start the year off right. With this early start program, TLC provides students tools and strategies to help make small changes with huge impact to approach your learning.

Learn More/Register