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Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

We've created a student awards program that provides financial support while recognizing the diversity and needs of our students and celebrating their achievements.

Through the NBCC Foundation and many generous donors, we are pleased to offer a number of opportunities for scholarships, bursaries and awards to our students. Awards may be specific to a campus or program and have varied application criteria and deadlines.

Each year, bursaries and scholarships are available in varying amounts to students attending one of six campuses in the province.

NBCC Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

The NBCC Foundation offers annual scholarships and bursaries to full-time students studying at any NBCC campus.Apr 15
Oct 6
NBCC Family of Alumni Scholarship (Made possible by TD Insurance)Two scholarships are awarded annually to children or grandchildren of past NBCC graduates.Feb 15
May 31
This scholarship is awarded annually to Anglophone and Francophone New Brunswick high school graduate students accepted at any campus of NBCC.May 27
Former Youth in Care Tuition BursaryTuition and program fees waiver program for individuals who spent more than 12 months placed as a child in care in New Brunswick, including foster care, group home care, and other forms of care. 
J.D. Irving, Limited BursaryWe will award up to 12 students per academic year. The value of the awards is the amount of full tuition, not including fees.  This will be paid 50% at the start of the Fall term and 50% at the start of the Winter term and deposited into the student's account.Aug 2
Joyce Family Foundation BursaryEach bursary will award $2000 with a maximum of 50 bursaries distributed evenly between Fall, Winter and Spring start dates. The amount will be deposited into the student's account to be applied against tuition and fees.Aug 2
Maestro Fresh Wes ScholarshipThis award was established by Wes Williams, a.k.a. Maestro Fresh Wes, to create a positive change in the life of a trade’s student, helping them financially so that they can thrive in their studies, and get out into the high-demand workforce with the skills needed to succeed.Aug 2
Wesley Armour Bursary
This bursary will be available to admitted applicants of the following programs:

Non-Profit Leadership program - Each bursary will award $1000 per student, with a maximum of 20 bursaries. 

Board Governance program - Each bursary will award $500 per student, with a maximum of 15 individual bursaries and 2 organization bursaries.

Aug 16
Canerector Foundation ScholarshipThis award was established to support students studying in trades and to reduce financial barriers.Sep 13


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to the scholarship and bursaries outlined above, there are many other opportunities specific to industry, program or campus.


Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program

The Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program is here to provide financial support military-connected students.

Jul 18, 2024

RBC Foundation Green Skills Scholarship

The RBC Foundation Green Skills Scholarship aims to support adult learners who are interested in returning to education to achieve their goal of developing innovative solutions for pressing environmental challenges.

Jul 23, 2024

Danny Lanteigne Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Danny Lanteigne for his contributions to the water and wastewater industry and First Nations communities.

View Details (pdf) >>

Aug 16, 2024

Energy Creates Scholarships

Five Energy Creates contest winners will each receive a full scholarship of up to $100,000 for their post-secondary studies!

Aug 31, 2024

New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers (NBSRT)

The provincial body of the NBSRT and individual branches award approximately $20,000 in scholarships and bursaries to New Brunswick secondary students each year.

Nov 4, 2024

PTCB Exam Practice Test Essay Writing Scholarship 2024

Annual Essay Writing Scholarship, aimed at recognizing and supporting exceptional students in their educational pursuits. This scholarship is open to all current college or university students, providing an opportunity for graduate students across various fields to showcase their talents and dedication.

Dec 1, 2024

Occupational Health and Safety Annual Scholarship Program

Our mission is to help professionals in occupational health and safety grow and succeed. We are excited to introduce our Scholarship Program, which aims to support aspiring professionals in this field. If you’re a student passionate about making workplaces safer and healthier, this is a great opportunity for you.

Dec 10, 2024

Allied Van Lines Scholarship

Intended for students across the areas of business, logistics, and similar fields. Four qualified candidates will be selected to receive an award amount of $1,000 each.

Dec 15, 2024

Car Detail Calgary Scholarship Program

This scholarship aims to recognize and reward individuals committed to academic excellence and pursuing knowledge in the automotive industry.

Feb 20, 2025

Legit Course $1000 Reviewers Scholarship Program

Write 500 words of an article about: “Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Learning“

Jun 20, 2025

Boom & Bucket's Student Scholarship Program

Boom & Bucket is offering a scholarship of $1,000 to be awarded each year to a student pursuing a heavy machinery-themed program. This scholarship is available to both currently enrolled students and future students who are planning to attend a program within the next 12 months. 

Annually (June)

Schiffmann Injury Lawyers Scholarship

$1000 USD bi-annually

(Sep 15 & Jan 15)

Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers Bi-Annual Scholarship Fund

$1500 Bi-Annual Scholarship

(Sep 15 & Jan 15)

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship

There will be 450 scholarships (valued at $1500 each) to be awarded across the country. Funds may be used for supporting a wide range of learning opportunities, such as short-term courses, workshops, certificates, or online training – and their associated costs (tuition, books, tools, travel, etc.)

Apr 30, Aug 27, Dec 17

Loretta Saunders Community Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund aims to support Indigenous women in their chosen field of study who are attending a post-secondary institution in Mi’kma’ki, Nunatsiavut, or Atlantic Canada and who have completed the equivalent of one year of post-secondary education in the previous two years.

(Jul 30)

North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship Competition

Canadian students are eligible to receive scholarships, intended for students in the area of business, logistics, and similar fields, with four lucky winners being selected to receive an award amount of $1,000 each. 

(Dec 15)

Instant Record Check $1,000 Scholarship

The Instant Record Check scholarship provides a one-time reward of $1000 to pay for tuition, books, computers, room and board, or any education-related expense.

(Dec 31)

Storwell's Foster Children Bursary Program

Storwell is offering an annual bursary of $2,000 in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand-up as they make their way forward in life.

(Sep 1)

EnergyRates.Ca College Scholarship

The EnergyRates.ca College Scholarship is a yearly (ongoing) scholarship by EnergyRates.ca. Every year, we award outstanding students for their essays on the energy industry. 

(Jan 31)
Ad Standards Scholarship

Each year, Ad Standards offers two $1500 scholarships for post-secondary students. To apply, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate advertising or marketing program at a Canadian university or college. 

(Feb 28)

Orvil L. Davie Memorial Fund

The fund provides bursaries to individuals who require financial assistance in completing training in an accepted course directly related to the HVACR industry.

(Mar and Nov)

Mary Majka Scholarship Fund

The Mary Majka Scholarship Fund is open to New Brunswick students from middle school to those attending an undergraduate program. Awards will be granted on a yearly basis ranging from $250 to $1000, depending on the number of applicants and funds available.

Annually (March)

Rank-It.ca College Scholarship 

$500 Scholarship to any student enrolling or currently enrolled in a Canadian or American post-secondary institution in the coming year (CAD 500 for Canadians or USD 500 for Americans). All you must do to be eligible for the scholarship is write an essay in English or French of up to 500 words, explaining what consumer trend you see emerging, going obsolete or standing the test of time -- feel free to be creative with it, as long as it’s about tomorrow’s shoppers.

Annually (March 1)

New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) Scholarships/Bursaries
Every year, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) offers several different scholarships and bursaries. All awards are valued at $500.

Annually (June 30)

Haywood | Hunt & Associates Scholarship

This is an ongoing scholarship with a deadline of August 31st every year. This scholarship is available to Canadian college and university students, and the chosen student will be awarded a $1,250 grant towards their education.

(Aug 31)

Innovation in Education Scholarship

LA Tutors awards students who showcase their creativity and make positive impacts with a $500 Innovation in Education scholarship. On an ongoing monthly basis, this scholarship is open to all currently enrolled high school, college, and graduate students who showcase their creativity while helping those around them.


Nora's Nursery Scholarship Program

The Nora's Nursery Scholarship is open to parents who are current students pursuing a higher education or looking to go back to school.


Welcome to New Brunswick Bursary

A Bursary of $1,250.00 will be awarded directly to any graduate of NBISP or NBOSP who provides to AEI proof of enrolment in a NB Post-Secondary Education institution.


SolveYourDebts.com Scholarship

Each year, SolveYourDebts.com offers several $1,000 scholarships to post-secondary students across Atlantic Canada. Since 2004, we have awarded more than $200,000 to deserving students.

Doug Bridgman Memorial Scholarship

Easter Seals New Brunswick is pleased to announce the creation of the Doug Bridgman Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was developed to assist people living with a physical disability who want to attend post-secondary education. One student per year will receive a $1,000.00 scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded for 5 years, from 2022 to 2026.


Helen Bassett Commemorative Student Award

This is an award that celebrates positive changes created by indigenous women, two-spirited, and gender-diverse individuals. This award of $1,000 is given to four indigenous women, two-spirited or gender-diverse individuals, one from each direction, who is 30 years and under. Applicants must be currently enrolled in post-secondary studies, with priority given to those studying law, justice studies, and politics, and show their dedication to the betterment of indigenous lives.


Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards

The Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards celebrate the hard work and determination of individuals of Aboriginal heritage who have embraced a renewed pursuit of learning. The awards are open to all Aboriginal Canadians who have been out of school for at least one year, who have since decided to return to an educational system, and who have been back at school for at least one full year.


Indspire Bursaries, Scholarships, and Awards

Indspire has evolved into the largest non-governmental funding body for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students across Canada. Bursary and scholarship awards are provided to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students annually across a diverse range of disciplines.

Pharmacy Technician Bursary Opportunity

Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) are seeking applications from individuals interested in a career as a Pharmacy technician. 

View Details (pdf) >>


Parents Need to Know Scholarship

Being a parent while educating yourself in university can be a challenge. Parents who study are often faced with time and money constraints. That's why ParentsNeed has created a yearly scholarship designed for students who show themselves able to find a balance between studying and raising their children.



Application Completion Tips and Checklist



  • Complete the ENTIRE application/ incomplete applications are not accepted
  • Read carefully and provide ALL documents requested (transcript, resume, essay etc.)
  • Note the deadline for the application and ensure you submit it ON TIME.
  • If references are requested, be sure to ASK permission before providing any name.


  • Did I complete the entire application?
  • Did I provide all additional documents requested?
  • Did I double check the deadline and to whom it is to be submitted?
  • Did I check with my references to get permission to provide their name?


For more information regarding specific awards, or if you are interested in starting a bursary/scholarship/award, please contact Advancement@nbcc.ca