Robertson Institute for Community Leadership

Launched in 2014, NBCC’s award-winning Robertson Institute for Community Leadership is mobilizing students, staff, alumni and Board members College-wide to transform lives and communities.

Built upon NBCC’s tradition of giving back, our Signature Learning Experience (community leadership) is at the heart of the NBCC experience.

Our commitment through the Robertson Institute for Community Leadership is to ensure that every NBCC student, in every program has the opportunity to develop important interpersonal skills such as communications, teamwork and creative problem solving through volunteer and service learning opportunities.

These skills will set our students apart in their careers and in their lives which will help contribute to New Brunswick’s socio-economic prosperity and quality of life.

To create this culture of leadership and service we are engaging our students and staff, building bridges with our communities and partners, and spreading a spirit of service across our Province.

Cheryl Robertson

Cheryl Robertson

NBCC’s Robertson Institute for Community Leadership was named after Cheryl M.G. Robertson. Cheryl was the inaugural Chair of the NBCC Board of Governors from April 2010 to June 2014. She effectively led NBCC through transformative change as we transitioned to a Crown Corporation. Cheryl has also distinguished herself through exemplary community leadership in many roles, and has been recognized by a number of organizations for her extraordinary contributions. Cheryl was named to the Order of New Brunswick in 2014.